Berkvens opens more doors for you

Berkvens doors and frames is recognised as a leading manufacturer of interior doors, interior doorframes and sliding door systems for healthcare, hospitality, education, offices and residential markets throughout Europe. A policy of continuous investment in product research, development and innovation, combined with total quality control, has ensured Berkvens' position of strength in the European market.

Residential & non-residential

Innovation, investment and quality

Berkvens achieved their position as a leading supplier to the construction industry by listening to their partners at every level. Listening to and learning from specifiers, building contractors and the end users has given us great insights into what they want from interior doors and frames. And it is this that has led to the development of scalable solutions that can be implemented anywhere in the world. 

Berkvens combines that approach with continuous investment in product development and optimisation of internal processes. Berkvens applies the same goals in their modern production facilities as those they bring to their customers projects; improved process control, reduced failure costs and increased efficiency.

The company

Berkvens' history of 87 years is the story of a successful Dutch family business. When the family business was established in 1933, enterprising carpenter Piet Berkvens laid a solid foundation for today's company. Piet invented the honeycomb-core door and then went on to design a process for the industrial production of doors that was completely new at that time and is still used all over the world today. Innovation was important at the start of the company and still is as we develop new products in house. The passion for doors set a trend for constant product renewal, professionalism, production efficiency and a continually growing assortment. Over the years Berkvens transformed from a local manufacturer to an important player in the construction industry, now with 4 factories producing 400,000 doors and 335,000 door frames annually.