Craftsmanship, innovative engineering, and design in perfect harmony

It is the interior that makes a house a home. Step into the world of Bod'or and discover what a difference a beautiful door can make. Bod'or is all about details, proportions, and the right innovative materials and techniques. These are the ingredients for doors of timeless beauty. We offer the best of both worlds: avant-garde design and state-of-the-art technology. The Bod'or collection constitutes a range of unique doors, from basic to iconic. Completed with a choice from various opening and closing systems, plus the right trimmings, and high-quality locks and hinges.

About Bod'or

Bod'or is a company built on expertise and craftsmanship in the area of doors, engineering, and interior design. From being a manufacturer of traditional panel doors and classical veneer doors, we have grown into a major player for integrated, functional, and sustainable solutions. Drawing on the various disciplines across our company, we are able to perfectly align stability, design, ease of use, acoustic insulation, and production. This approach is where Bod'or adds you value.

Innovative solutions

Our extensive tradition in developing and manufacturing special door systems has created a brand with its own recognisable signature style. Consistently challenging ourselves to innovate through original solutions that transcend the boundaries of conventional door design. Partnerships with internationally renowned designers and our own in-house talent has resulted in modern and elegant doors with an exclusive signature. Tirelessly, we look for solutions to go with the latest interior design trends and combine aesthetics with innovative lock and hinge functionality. Door systems that blend into the interior design has already led to our designs winning high-profile international design awards.

Craftsmanship and quality

The detail in the expertise, skills and professionalism of our staff are what set Bod’or-KTM apart. Experience spanning many years in engineering, craftsmanship, and design come together at our factory in Bocholt Germany. Once machine processed the door plate surfaces are treated and finished by hand, each door carefully sanded, varnished and sprayed. Right down the smallest detail, we always strive for quality. 

Materials are the basis

Delivering premium quality begins with choosing the right materials. Our specialists are always scouring the globe looking for the best materials available. Given that a door set must last for many years, stability and functionality are key features. For the finish and optimum protection of our doors, we use a manual varnish system and only use varnishes and paints that meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to the ample choice of RAL, NCS, and Sikkens paint colours, our doors can be made to match any interior.