Modular construction

Offsite construction and it’s MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) solutions of factory pre-engineered units have proven to show benefits across all construction sectors. Such benefits include helping project efficiency, material wastage, site safety, sustainability and greater quality control. Xidoor’s interior door and frame solutions complement the needs and requirements for volumetric builders in their approach to DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly).

Our interior door and frame solutions are quick and efficient to install, as a fully finished solution once installed the job is done, no need for amendments or decoration. High quality durable finishes and an unrivalled product assortment mean modular builders undertaking any project type can have the design, functionality and performance required with the peace of mind that a Xidoor product is built to last for many years. Having operated in this sector internationally for many years partnering with contractors such as DeMeeuw (Netherlands) and Cougnaud (France) we have insights, experience and knowledge from many projects which we have been part of.