The non-residential sector is made up of several categories: education, healthcare, student accommodation, retail, leisure, hotels, government. We provide a comprehensive assortment of certified performance door and frame solutions; fire rated doors, sound insulating doors, X-ray doors, bullet proof doors, burglar proof doors, prison doors, climate separation doors, moisture resistant doors, we have the solution to enhance your project. 

Your partner

The top quality extensive assortment of technical door, frame and sliding-door systems make the brands of Xidoor an attractive partner for the non-residential construction sector. We are familiar with the legislation, regulations and technical requirements that apply in the countries in which Xidoor operates. Experience of working on complex projects in various countries means we are able to recommend optimal solutions for our customers, this is why Xidoor is regarded as a leading player in the international market. 

HPL doors for non-residential buildings

The extra-long life and endurance of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) doors are due to the robust and scratch resistant HPL sheets used for each door. The doors can also be delivered in a wide range of colors or veneer looks, structures and designs. This makes a Berkopal performance door a durable, practical and stylish addition to any interior.